What Are The Cons Of The Latest Windows 10


Windows 10 is an excellent operating system even better in contempt and failing to protect your privacy. Yes, that is correct. With the new improved technology, it seems that they are top, but with small problems. TAG Business applications will give you advice on how to protect your computer.

This most remarkable thing is the installation of the operating system when you walk with the accelerated option – Express Settings and you have given permission to, for example, access your calendar, your emails, location, and permission to use the Internet for specific news that you could benefit from. Moreover, specific services on Windows 10 until recently could automatically without join to the public network, which is a very serious security risk.

windows-10-start.png (1200×675)

Some of the infamous options as those for automatic connecting to public networks or connecting to networks shared by your contacts are cleared with Anniversary recharging, but the rest are pretty much still present. To get insight on what permissions are given to the operating system and run the appropriate changes, you need to go to Start, then Settings, then Privacy. The offered fields are on the left side; you can choose which apps have access to your camera / microphone or turn off Cortana.

There are a lot of spyware tools available on the internet that could help you with this issue. What you need to do is get a full list of the most common areas of concern for the safety of your privacy and disable them one by one, or let the software program do that for you. Be very careful when allowing a program to know your data and when that program requires using of too much information from your computer. Yes, the operating system is amazing and it has great features that will facilitate your life. But there are some big mistakes that need to be fixed immediately.

Protection is all that matters when it comes to working with computers. We all know that is practically impossible to provide maximum protection of attacks, but do everything you can to protect the computer. Simply make a research on the internet and find the best tools that will keep your computer safe. Install them and use them every time you open a browser. Also, it is important to delete all the history from your computer and never remember it. There is an option on your browser – Never remember history. Make sure you choose that. A lot of people do not like this option because they are just too lazy to retype emails and passwords every time they open a browser. But that is actually the right thing and this is how it is supposed to be done. Never remember passwords on anything. Delete and close after you are finished.

Hope fully in near future, windows will create an update and will fix all the big mistakes that people are facing with.