Most Recognizable Logos of All Time

If your company was a person, your logo would be the hair; It’s the first thing your customers notice. This article is a warning. Much like a stylish haircut, you want your logo to be eye-catching without treading into tacky territory. Think about it. Your customers are going to respect a slick James Dean hairdo. Sadly, however, too many companies are rocking mullets. 

Basically, this is why your logo sucks.

Cool It On the Color!   
Quick quiz: What are the two most recognizable logos of all time? The answer is simple: The Nike swoosh and the McDonald’s arches. The former is a black check mark against a white background. The latter is a yellow “m” sitting inside a plain, red square. I hope you’re taking notes. Your logo sucks because you’re addicted to color. Overly flashy logos do not catch eyes, they confuse them. How are your customers going to know what to focus on when there are six different hues fighting for attention. 

To sum it up, your logo sucks because everyone thinks it’s a Jackson Pollack painting.

You’re A Copy Cat!  
Taking a tour of the Least Sucky Logo Hall of Fame in search of inspiration is totally cool, but be careful not to straight up steal the look and spirit of a legendary logo. Originality pays dividends. For example, would Starbucks command the respect of coffee lovers if their logo looked strangely similar to that of Dunkin’ Donuts? No. Could Starbucks have soared to the top of the free market without the aid of the seductive siren? No, again. People love the originality of that wavy-haired woman smiling at them from their cup of mocha cappuccino. Your customers deserve the right to feel surprised by a interesting, new logo. 

Recap: Your logo sucks because it won’t let your company be itself.

Your Font Is Out Of Place!
 It’s time for a vocabulary lesson:

1. the art or process of printing with type
2. the work of setting and arranging types and of printing them
3. the general character or appearance of printed matter

Chose your logo font (typography) wisely. Many marketing experts argue that an appropriate font style is more important than a memorable logo. Let’s clarify a bit. We asked a professional, Tom Lien of Lien Design, a San Diego California based graphic design company;

“It is important that your font matches your logo (and company ethos) in personality and style. Look at Disney. To think the word Disney is to envision magical fantasy lands. Therefore, Disney uses a mirthful font, swirling and curving like the flowing robe of Mickey The Wizard.” However, using Disney font to market a plunger won’t have the disired effect. You alone understand the identity of your business. Share that identity with your customers through your font choice. 

Summary: Your logo sucks because your font doesn’t fit your company.

You’re A Slave To Trends!
 2015 has already spawned a whole host of hot, new logo designs. So, in case you didn’t get the memo, decorative eyelets are out and wood cut style is in like Flynn. Also, don’t even think about using a ribbon and folded design. Ribbon and folded looked cool in 2013. Guess what, though. 2015 is well on it’s way and ribbon and folded design is officially an embarrassment. In all seriousness, don’t follow trends. Bell bottoms were cool in the 1970’s. Bell bottoms are the definition of not cool in the 21st century. Your logo will meet the same fate if you are a slave to trends. Create a look to survive the ages. Think timeless.

Final word: Your logo sucks because it will be an antique before your business hits it’s first fiscal year.